Visa Information

For Humanitarian visa application in the Russian Consulate ISP RAS will make you an official invitation.

All invitations to Russian Federation are issued by a special Department of the RF Federal Migration Service (The Ministry of Interior).

It takes about 16 days to receive an official invitation letter, which we will send you with express delivery service.

Please, do the following:

1. Fill-in the form. It is the standard form that ISP RAS uses for inviting foreign partners.

2. Provide a scan-copy (good quality) of your passport (pages with personal information and photo).

3. Make sure that passport expires no sooner than November 2011.

4. If they formerly had Russian visa, please send its scan copy too.

Could you, please, send this to us as soon as possible.

Humanitarian visa is required in case you wish to enter Russia for cultural purposes, science, sports, religion etc.

If we will not have enough time to make an invitation for humanitarian visa (in connection with the upcoming holidays), we will let you know and issue you a travel voucher for application for a tourist visa (application process takes much less time).